Hi, I’m Kaye.

I used to think Bold was about adventures and daring. Now, to me bold is daring to be present, fully. In an encounter, dare to witness the feelings that appear, allow them their life, disentangle from the old thoughts and ideas that come in to make comment and find your true response. To be really there with a person, with a situation simple direct and honest.

I want to help people connect to the true and the magic of themselves. Be it on their brand new adventure as a parent, their explorations in creativity or their desires to just do it . . . something new.

What neglected bits can I help you to return?

  • You’re a new mum (or dad) and full of books and blogs and tips but far away from friends and family and your own deep knowing. Let me connect you up.

  • You’re a kid, or wish you were still, so you could have the freedom to throw paint at a wall, dive your hands in and slide them on paper, and not worry about the carpet. Let me dish up the colours.

  • You got a gnawing feeling life’s getting away from you and you really were gonna . . . Dare to whisper it . . . and see where it leads.

I’ve been on a lot of adventures and I’ve witnessed a lot of things.
Let me walk with you along on yours . . .


A list of things I’ve studied and practiced and done in no particular order: Art School Prizerwinner, Teachers School, Life School, Professional Surfer, Disney Cartoon Drawer, Community Centre Creative Co-ordinator, Dynamic Meditator, Solo/Group Art Show Exhibitor, Tai Chi Teacher, Waitress, three day solo on a beach on an island, Swim Teacher in a disco pool, Surf Coach, Human Gyroscope Rider, Tarot Reader, Family Drug & Alcohol Group Facilitator, Australian Bushfood Wild Harvester, Soul Motion Dancer, First–Step Instructor, Simplicity Parenting Coach, Global Coach and Mentor.

I know from these experiences and more that nothing is done alone and that the best magic is made when you just dare to step and the right people turn up to join you. If you are ready to take a leap, big or small and you want a partner to bring out the very best you have, jump in - write me that note.