Bold Steps.

Feel a little lack-lustre?

Downright bla?

Like life’s racing away from you?

Yep you’re busy and everything is ok, and it’s probably a first-world problem, but you really know there must be a better way, there’s more to life than this. More to you.

Those things you promised yourself, what were they?

I hear you.

You want to start something new.


Or just put a shot of newness into what's feeling flat. You've got a crazy idea, or something niggling at you underneath the surface.

I love to set people up with a touch of boldness and a great plan to get going. It's not a list, or calendar of to-dos but a potent reminder to the core of why you want to.

My unique coaching | mentoring style? It's a mix of deep listening, drawing out story and the possible throwing of my very own PaintJourney Tarot Cards.

You'll come out with your bearings set and the very next things to do.

But more than anything you will be seen, you will be heard, you will be understood.

I believe the time of doing it all alone is over.

We do so much better when we share the journey. We need to find someone who has been along that road, who knows the pitfalls and can read the signs, someone who can encourage us on the way.

I work one on one or in intimate groups. It’s a bespoke experience, made just for you. We find what you need and want and open up a connection to a whole new wold of possibilities.

Crack open the story - get to the essence - One hour session - 100CHF

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