I feel emboldened today
to jump

to dive right in
to step off
the ledge of the known
and into the blue, the new

It can seem like just me in a big unknown
but I leap hand in hand with friends.
All you just starting too, all who have been before,
standing below knowing
I won't fall, but fly.

Catcher in the Rye

I hadn't read that story before but now I know that's why.
Why it is named that way, to catch those daring to try,
to have a go.

Thanks to my fellow jumper Leanne, as brave as a bear, inside.
She's stepped out on a limb to be there to show that it's fine, even when it feels so high.

I want to stand beside and whisper in the ear of those, who stand there shy with curled up toes
on the edge of the boat that's brought them, out into the sea of life
who knows how deep or shallow, you go with friends not foes.
And what I know inside me is, that clustered all around you are invisible angels shouting - go!

Back there that little me, didn't have a swan dive yet or even a belly flop.
I reckon she just took a step.
And off my life has been.
Lot's of steps and stories, now gathered up behind me
leaning me into this next step
full of fears and potential, standing on the edge.
Hands together in prayer, now stretch them out to dive
over your ears said my first swim teacher.
Don't listen to all those voices
trying to keep you  safe.
Listen to your heart and dive now
know that you can fly.

thanks to Kelly Rae for her flight lessons and all my fellow flyers.

And my team of angels who's wings I feel, inspiring my heart.

A blind surfer once told me "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing badly"
What's the latest big small step you've taken?
I'd love to hear

(yep that's really me and my favourite little boat :)