My children are my impetus
I want to show them - go.

My boy made this drawing for me
many years ago.

I hear them tell that I'm an artist
they haven't my tongue tie
of stumbling over the word of it.

They only see me smile.
When I am making something
with colors and light and time.

I'm here to tell them not to 'try'
just do it, have a go.
Now it's time to take my own words
it's time to 'nelmundo'

He he. When I start to write I can't help rhyme, it just falls out that way. The very first email address I chose was 'nelmundo' short for 'en el mundo' when it was all new and I was out there traveling 
many years ago. It meant that - 'in the world'. 

Cos that was the name my father called me when I was a girl.


And here I am

What was your first email name? Or your first nickname?
I love to hear your stories