Colour Your World

There's so much to pack up, to sort, to do
A spring clean.

Spring, what a funny time
it really can't decide what it is
between summer and winter
that's how I feel - between
Right now it's back in winter.
I wish I had a fire
just stare into
and lose my self,
or my lists.

The children are on holidays
but I'm on everything.
The Gyoto Monks are down the road at our school hall
offering 'Tortang' Karma Burning Ritual.
I think I'll need one in my back yard
for all the tiny bits that accumulate
that there's no place for anymore.

But there amidst the busyness they make their magnificent sand mandala
focused, patient and immersed.

I can't make a mandala like them
I can't even have my fire (it's raining)
but when I sit to colour in
I can lose my self 
and gather my self anew.

Here's a little fire for colouring
my little gift to you.