Stop and Smell the Flowers . . .

How busy it's been
Now I'm in another country
How busy it gets

When I just STOP
drop out of my head and into my body
breathe, feel the air, sense all around me, look up
use commas, full stops.

what comes in is gratitude
and all the sparkles and smells and tingles
bring life back into me

if I just stop

When the kids get nutty I send them outside
I say take off your shoes and put your feet on the ground
it works
I need to do it for me too

They get to just be more than we let ourselves do
So here's a little big kids colouring to take time out to play and ponder
together or alone.

I might colour it autumn and you might make it spring
but together we make our lives come bright
when we let the gratitude in

Print it out
take some time for you . . .