sink in deep

I try not to look for too long at the sea green pictures from home
Summer Australia comes washing at my feet each day
I love and cringe to see aquabumps in my inbox :/
But I'm dreaming
my old favourite ways aren't here with me
long walks on the beach and the swaying silence
of sinking beneath the surface of the sea.

I tried the indoor pool but it's mostly good for up and down
which helps a bit
but my dreams need soaking
a steeping
like tea
so I light some candles and sink into a bath.
Let your mind wander
what colors your dreams?

I found myself with reds and greens
coloring my children's Christmas pictures as I listened to words of life
and words of wonder with sparkle and heart and raindrops
Have you heard Sarah Kay - she completely makes my day

Here's a bath to for you to dream in
to print out and colour your own way

may you steep in your own next story

love Kaye