a bit of Paris

looking from the centre out in all directions

a little bit of Paris

old friends making new memories

little bit of wisdom - ok maybe a Levis ad?

Avenue of love

you gotta start by loving you ;)

sailing on the seven seas

a perspective

a promise

a question - what's your dream?

follow it . . .

The kind of moments you get when you're closer to things
when you get an invitation
and when you say yes

But what to do in two short wintry days?
Be with friends
Be amazed - again
Be curious - look beyond or behind
Be open - to what you find

What a gift 
a time out of time 
a moment 
out of all my busy mine
to just be
and soak it up 
a little atmosphere 
a breath of different air 
refreshed revived

You can take those moments anywhere. What's that great quote about change? It's all about seeing with different eyes? When I lived in Bondi, when I lived in Byron, even when I lived in Bali when I got so tangled up in my same life repeating myself over and over . . . I'd just take a different way home, put on a different tune, put on a different kind of hat and open the way for something new . . . 
give yourself a surprise - a gift to you xx