finding YOUR way - it's not about winning

So I'm in the mountains again but this time to cheer on Oliver who is skiing in the Engadine Ski Marathon. He set doing this for the first time as his challenge of the year. It starts in his parents winter hometown so the going there wasn't a big deal but to see the place transformed as the 11,000 + skiers lined up and the disco music blasted and warm up crew had them all YMCAing was fun. Then the heart rousing 1492 theme counted them down to the big start. And off they went all charged.

It reminded me of the Swiss version of the City to Surf. It's never been my thing. How do you find your way in that sea of people? But this time I met it with new eyes and I saw that you could only find your way. There are maybe a couple of hundred who have any chance of actually winning so it's not about that for most. It's about having a go. It's about their personal best. For some that means time, some placing, some it's about the laughs and the team spirit and just making it.

We cheered on Snow White and her 7 Dwarfs, there were Pink Panthers and Disco Fro's, a Nun,  a Friar and a good gang of Mohawks. So you can do it with flair or bright coloured hair. We met the Bear. She was usually the fastest of her group but what the heck this time she was almost an hour longer - oh but the smiles she got and the fun and laughter gave her 2012 race the joy she was after.
Her father at 85 was making his 44th race and the guy on the train had the badges of 
all 17 he'd been in. And every one different. Everyone, in their own way.

Oliver got back with a first success and a new benchmark, the Bear came back with a Cheshire grin, the Grandpa a broken arm but still a smile, the man on the train with a new orange badge 
and a glow from inside.

What challenge have you set yourself ? 
It doesn't have to be a race. Where will you have a go? 
Then more importantly and much more significantly -  how do you want to play?