lost in the music

There's been no music in my furnished apartment so far except for what comes out of my computer. But that's not background music while I'm working, no matter how much I turn it down, if it's right in my face.  Finally I worked out the little stereo and found a cd a radio station even - what had I forgotten?
A whole world remembered.
The winter of my quiet hibernation was delicious.
But now
there's music in my i-ears
And life flows again

Music transports
I lose my self there
and I don't even play

I didn't even know the music of Esperanza Spalding 
but I saw a photograph of her playing and I knew.

All of her was there.

Now I really get my mum's expression 'see how the spirit moves you'
I feel it - when I lose my 'self'
then my spirit comes to play

To all those music makers
who've set my soul in motion.
To Rupert and to Prabhu
And Vanessa and to Moo and
so many many more.

To all those I don't know
and accidental moments
driving in my car

what a gift to us you are
thank you

what are you 
listening to?

and how does your spirit move you?