poetry? - anyone can :)

So every day I read a Samantha poem
she writes one poem a day

It's such a sensuous way
to focus
It moves me
I have a try
even though I stumble
I'm not so good and I can't help but rhyme
even if it's not the right time

Then the other day in class
when my mind falls in its regular fog
of swirling dative/akkusative der, die das ness
we turn to seite dreissig and
I wake up

They want us to write a poem - in German
but it's ok, it's easy, it's fun and there's a formula!
I do mine with Wendy and it comes out like this:

Der See
Aus dem Fenster
Wir vergessen unsere Ubung

or this in English

The lake
Out the window
We forget our lesson

Ha Ha
Have a go, write one for yourself

It's called an Elfchen (little eleven)
11 words in 5 lines
1st = an adjective / a noun? (1 word)
2nd = what is / what is it? (2 words)
3rd = where is it / what does it? (3 words)
4th = something about yourself / the noun (4 words)
5th = conclusion word (1 word)

We read them out to each other and left the last line to guess. 
My German class just got funner.

Write yourself one.
I'd love to read it :) 

(yep that's the view out the window
pretty easy to drift off . . .)