unravel and fly

she was all tangled up
in her history
she chose to be grateful.
she chose to let go
and the string unfurled
as it might
and the string now holds a kite

here's to your dreams
your hopes
and all of the history they're built on

It was winter when I found the ball of tight and knotted stories. 
I thought I'd be enmeshed for days and months. Then as I allowed the bits to loosen up I thought they'd spread across the floor - forever more. But a big sigh let out and picked them up and we tied some bows and painted red and now they fly out front of me a part of all my stories thread.

How's your winter? A delicious time to go in deep and bundle up the lost bits, the rejected bits, the denied or the remembered. Bring them home. Hug them close. Allow them, acknowledge and accept them. Find a way to love them up into their higher calling. A little practical alchemy.

If you get stuck - call on a friend or a mentor to show you the gold that's always shining somewhere.

What's the piece of gold right now that's keeping you afloat?
Share it and shine up my day . . .

in gratitude to my mentor Linda

Kaye :)