illustration friday - tall

right then Poppy decided to grow tall

make a decision
reach for what you want

ha ha yes
thanks Poppy

I'm trying to decide which style of illustration I want to call my own
right now I'm a bit of a chameleon
having fun trying on different styles

but wandering through my favourite books I want to paint like that
and then like that, just like clothes on a rack

It's like mirroring someone
getting a feel for where they're at.

I used to mimic someones run and feel 
right through their shoes,
you know like that saying . . .

so if you were to feel into me
you might find I don't really know
right now

sometimes I want to be more ethereal and fast
I had some fun with watercolour

today I wanted more solid and real
and this is what we got :)

what are you playing with today??