thank you thursday

I'm still smiling from last night's full moon and lying in the grass with the most booming falling firework stars falling out of the sky like 'for real 3D' almost to my nose. :)

For the person who picked up my towel and left it hanging on the fence for me to find when I realized I must have dropped it on my way to the lake :)

For "The Help" I just watched now and the line something like "sometimes courage skips a generation - thank you for bringing it back to this family" the humility and the courage.

For the Bishop (ok don't have his link - just a random find) for reminding me and so many others "your harvest is white!" - you are it right now!

Looking forward to tomorrow and living from there!
and driving all the way to find the sea . . .


and to all of you who stop by to visit :)