burning question

If I let go all of the past right now
I would be so much more . . .
clear and focused on right here & now

I would take out the if and be, already

full of calm assurance
eyes and arms open wide
knowing what my next move is 
cos I've heard it clear inside

a smiling open channel for the best words in the moment
to help remind the one beside me
that you are right here too
and all the world just wants to see
you as completely wholly you

Thank you Danielle just what I needed this morning - the question that burned right through all the others, all the scribbled notes on pages, grappling and revolving.
Seems all I really want is to know is what is now and what is next. Ha. 
Now that feels like keeping it simple and do-able.
Off I go to my day - listening and taking - one step at a time :)
What would you be more of if you let go of the past?
 I'd love to know too
and link it back with love . . .