Colour Your World

Colour Your World 

- BOLDer!

Once upon a time, ok it was twelve years ago and the big millennium change, I was given a Colouring Calendar. Ha, you say, but those humble home baked pictures made such a mark on my year. It got to be that I relished each month claiming that piece of time to open and play so much that all kinds of other magic overflowed in my life. My world came alive!

I started to write and made more pictures that covered the walls. The serendipity flowed. I made an amazing new circle of friends. Fell into our dream house and brought home our first baby. Then came a second and and a home of our own, then my true work of helping others to find their creativity, their joy and their flow. I still have those colourings, they remind me of the magic they’d suggested and the wonder I remembered and the joy I found inside.

So over the past few months I’ve been hard at work creating something pretty sweet to give back. It started out just pictures then I couldn’t help but keep adding more and more fun tips.

It’s a Big Kids Colouring-e Book rolled up with juicy prompts to remembering your mojo.
And it’s the fun perfect starter to getting out your shining confident Self.
And here it is tied with a bow :)

For every grown up who is still willing to explore, to experiment, to play this is dedicated to YOU!

And still, truth is, to billions of people on the planet the idea of “playing” is an inconceivable luxury. This is dedicated to them too!

For every purchase of this wee-book, $5 goes to the Belen Project Colouring the Worlds of the children, families and citizens of Belen.

So here it is: Colour Your World – 100 ways to becoming BOLD.
It's beckoning, thirsty for your colours & practically guaranteed to shake out a few creative pearls into your life.

Jump in!

You pay $20
(and $5 goes to the Belen Project)

Here’s to your Colouring – may it continue way outside the lines!!

Kaye xx

Thanks for sharing Kaye!!!!
That is SO cool!
I love it.
Going to print it up and colour it in.
Gosh – it’s up there with the Sark stuff only you get to do the colours for yourself!