illustration friday - shy

Where have you been hiding?

I’d hide for hours under the stairs in the corner, way before there was a Harry.  It was my invisible test to see how long before anyone noticed. I’d hear them passing by and up and down on their way to rooms or cups of tea.  Eventually I’d start to hear “where’s Kaye?” What a funny satisfaction in that simple question mark.

Where is your hiding place? 
Have you been waiting for someone else to see you 
and tell you it’s ok to come out to shine?

And when they did notice and say ‘hey, wonderful, that’s great’ 
did you pass it off and say ‘oh no’, ‘not that’, ‘not me’?

It took a lot of years to realise it wasn’t up to them to find me, 
that I wasn’t a product of another’s reflection, 
I had my own shine – inside.


Come out

Let's shine 

Where's your hiding place?
And what are you waiting for?