on dreaming . . . and doing

What if you could do anything you wanted? There was paint. You had a blank wall, a room, hey a whole house?

Wow. There I stood in that, a whole house! Just up the hill from mine, one due to be demolished and, thanks to it’s visionary young owner given over to the community – to play! We walked in, there were marks of freedom, what-the-hecks and what-ifs everywhere.

But where to start? What to do? My boy knew, he went straight to the spray cans and the guy with the big mask showing how it was done. There were amazing colours up the stairs. A whole family were at one wall, the children all fingers, painting. Katharina had made her dream of a whole room black and her art class kids had trailed luminous fluorescent beings to creep all over it. I stood there, we had an hour . . .

Then I remembered it, the dream I’d had that morning. It’s the middle of winter, someone standing there and the words had come to me ‘drop your mantel’ (I’m dreaming half German now ;) she drops her heavy coat and glorious starbursts of colour beam from inside.

And there was the wall and there was the paint . . .

To act on our dreams is to show our willingness to trust our intuition, to strengthen our relationship with our deep heart's truth.

Pose a question, send a prayer, state your desire before sleeping and listen for the answer as you wake in the morning. Then act on it. That day.

Guess I'd been asking for clarity, on what to do next.

I want to be led by my heart but like growing any relationship, if it’s not invited, not heard and responded to, knowing will cease to speak.

Let your heart know it’s been heard. Show it. Hey, throw it a mini art party, or a what-the-heck big one, or just pull out a pen and write what it said.

With love

Let's keep asking. 
I'll start.
Tonight I pray for helpful words to write.

What have you been asking for?
What have you been hearing?
What did you do?

 Tell me, tell me, tell me do!