the art of being uniquely you – just add colour - yours

You were lost in the colours, you smeared them all over the page. Permission, for a moment to dream, your fingers remembered. What did we want to be when we grew up was the question and you were back now not wanting to say.

It was almost your turn to share when beside you she spun around her picture all beautiful symmetrical and clear “ I always wanted to be a mathematician” she said. Well your eyes lit up with smile that blinded and then we all looked to you.

“I never wanted to be a mathematician!” 

It was the best thing you’d heard yourself say. All the time you’d thought everyone must want to be an artist. You thought it wouldn’t be fair to take someone else’s place, so you became a nurse.

With those few words you were free, to be, and so was she.

* * * 

There’s no one who can take the space that's uniquely yours to fill!

What did you want to be?

I’ve made you this little permission piece – a colour-in to play with while you ponder.

Print it out (here's a link). Choose your colours and let yourself wander as you wonder what it was and what the smallest step might be to go there.

Share your stories and colours with us all here.



ps. If you did want to be a mathematician go right on and turn that 'wasn’t' into a big fat was!


pps. True story. And now she is an artist!