what does progress taste like?

For any of you - like me, who keep finding themselves
putting the kettle on - again ;)

What does progress taste like?

I know it's not chocolate, although
if I run far enough it can be.
Then I'm wrapped in it's cloud passing the Lindt factory ;)

It's surely not nuts
cos they taste like that walk
around the house
and the next kettle and tea.

It's not sour like that taste
of spending too long and lost on the web

Or that omg bite and acid grab
of totally forgetting
that date that we made.

Or the bitter regret
of opportunities lost.

I think it's sweet
but not like the treat
I say I'll get when I finish.

More like an apple I've reached
just high enough that it takes
tip toes and a stretch

and one hand to catch and pull the branch closer
the other to twist
and bring to my teeth
the crack of perfect

oh ps.
It could be like that long thread of water
pouring down inside me
soaking into a forgotten summer

How does progress taste for you?