making the right kind of friends . . .

does your mind ever just get busy
and go round and round
I had to say to mine - stop!

And then I gave my pencil over
to the other hand.
She took a deep breath
and went round and round
and she made me a new friend.

I'm making friends with the right side of my mind

I reckon she can lead the way much better than the left. Daniel Pink thinks so too. I read Shiloh Sophia telling that she starts all her paintings with her other hand. And some of my most favourites are all other hander's.
Want to follow your big open knowing side? - just give over to your left hand, (or of course your right if you are a lefty ;) and draw . . .
Who comes to visit you?
I'd love to see . . .
(send me a facebooky ;)

xxx K