not all bears are big

 fragile for

illustration frida


My daughter just finished a project on bears so I've been seeing a lot of them this week. (Did you know that polar bears fur is hollow, it

traps air inside and makes the bear buoyant in water. ha ;). 

But it was when a friend told me I had an owl as a 'spirit animal' and I started thinking of other kinds. I thought, if you had a bear would you always have to be larger than life and strong? . . . Then I thought of the little guys that live in the wild place over the hill from me. When I first saw them, the three of them were rumbling around together and then one raced up the tree. Like the thinnest young tree and it just bent,


over. Mum was watching from the pond though and when it looked like breaking she leaned on out of the water and looked, hard. Instantly, baby came clumsily down. So I'm thinking 'no' and 'yes' both. 

ps. I made an


too. . .

what kind of animal have you got walking with you?