How endings make beginnings

Hello Friends

A bit of a round up

I’ve been now three years living in Switzerland. I’ve met a lot of international people and yes, it really takes that long, to land.

So I finished a project! Something I’d promised to myself. It really helped with all the *landing*. If you’ve got questions – start a project. If you want to find the answers – finish it! that's what I say.
Anyway that’s how it felt for me. It is a book, a picture book – I made it, all of it, by hand. It’s called Pocket money; it’s about random acts of kindness, synchronicity and serendipity. And there are a couple of the limited edition of 42 left. If you want one – email me.

I wrote the epic blog post about it. Turns out that was my 100th blog post! It had me looking over where I’d started on this adventure and what this emBOLDed thing all meant.

Then in that moment of stillness, that comes after *finished*, dropped the next serendipity. The perfect container for my work of helping others going through big changes, dreaming up projects, and getting them done.

It’s a heart centred approach to driving your life, but mostly it’s all about designing a life that feels good! There will be workshops, there will be private sessions, ok and there will probably be coloured pencils. Cue drum roll: I am now a Licensee and Facilitator of *The Desire Map*!!

Let’s be a part of a movement that starts from our hearts.

I’m refreshing my list. I’ll be sharing what’s on my mind, what’s in my heart and sometimes the *bold beings* that cross my path. I’ll keep it short and occasional.

So if you want come along, please sign up here.

Thank you.

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