Desire Map Sydney - April

A few treasures from my Desire Map Workshop in Sydney :)

"Taking time out of our crazy life at this time was a gift, and coming back to my core desires felt like a resetting of my compass"  Elizabeth Criner, Nutritionist and Healer

Thank you for such a special day. It was great to be surrounded by like minded women in such an honest and open environment. Poppy Kural, Fine Art Student

The beautiful flowers and our custom Australian Bushflower Essences selected for the day and made up by our honoured guest Dephi (4) with her mum Lizzy.

Making magic. Bringing all our generations in with us

Calling in Core Desired Feelings.

Creating goals with soul starts with the GPS of your core desired feelings. 

How do you want to feel???

Find out more here

Grab the book - do it yourself

Better still - gather some friends do it together, just call me.

"The intimacy of having you and my best friends was a blessing.

It really helps to carry these words around with me and I have found it very comforting working from the basic idea of reminding myself of these feelings day by day. . . I loved it and feel compelled to pass it on just like you did."

Emma Hudson, Fine Arts Student

xxx Kaye