how core desired feelings can lead you (if you let them ;)

I flew back into Australia in March to spend more than a month, just me. Wow, it happened. Not long before I’d declared my core desired feelings. One of them was to feel -


. And there I was – thank you!

Free to leave my kids at home. Free to be there in real time with my siblings to deal the best way I could with ‘family business’ that had come up, I also wanted to take the opportunity to share my new role as facilitator of the

Desire Map Workshops


But you know that feeling of going back to family, the house you grew up in, the old home town, it’s lovely, it’s comforting but oops it’s slippery. Operative words ‘the old’, suddenly you’re right back there, in the past, and things get sticky.

So there I am trying to do everything right and see friends and stay on track and enjoy myself. I was trying to stay focused, when sitting with my dear friend and co-facilitator


out came another book and set of tools. NOOO, I thought I’m not starting anything else, no sidetracking, no nothing new; I’m sticking with the program!

Ok. so I didn’t. I gave in. 

I spent nights doing “The Work” with Byron Katie. It was amazing, and simple and well, done. Each time I felt lighter, I was able to meet with all my family stories fresher, with all my obligations easier, with all my expectations kinder. 

Oh wow, that’s it. I felt free!

The pennies just kept dropping and a deeper knowing set in of how putting the way you want to feel out first brings you to your goals in a so much richer way than just writing them down and doggedly trying to tick them off.

And of course it turns out another of my CDFs was –

golden engaged

- and that’s how I felt, fully present, deeply grateful for every moment I had, the whole trip. 

So it turns out sometimes getting sidetracked is a part of the goal.

Ask yourself - How do I want to feel?

follow the signs. . . let yourself be led. . .

I’d love to know what your best sidetracks have been. Write me below in the comments :)

xxx Kaye

my mum's kitchen

ps. I just came across an analogy of how tiring time in a museum can be and how since life is continually expanding, being around artifacts from the past is simply being around a more contracted energy. Just like back home and all the old stuff, it can bring you back to the older more contracted you. Ugh tight. But immersing yourself in appreciation (like the historians do) can make it a complete joy. I hope you find that place next time you go back home.

pps. I fully recommend

Byron Katie’s “The Work”

– do some ;)