pocket money: a book about random acts of kindness

YAY - Announcement!

It's been a year of newness, strangeness and change.  But I'm so excited to finish it up with my book

Pocket Money published and off into the world!

I told the big old story of how I made it - all by hand,


I was interviewed by

The Woolf Magazine here.

Now - to think that it's available to be ordered from anywhere makes me break into a smile. That means we can send random acts of kindness, synchronicities and serendipities all over the world! 

Check it out on


or find it wherever you like to get books. 

Hint, it's a sweet present to send for sparking curiosity and conversations.

Like what you find if you took your hands out of your pockets? Or, how would you meet if you didn't speak the same language?

Thanks for hanging in with me on this journey. I hope you will join me in wishing for this season tsunamis of simple kindnesses!!

BIG love