Seeding Joy

A mini workshop for reclaiming your creativity

For passionate, curious women

who want access to their gifts.


On the surface it’s about

making a piece of art together

But really it’s about losing the lurker of Comparison and

Remembering your Uniqueness.


By the end of our time:


You will have stepped out of your ordinary day, meditated,

maybe moved a little – ahh.


You will have played with colour and made something.


You will have some tools for seeing the world a little differently.


And you will have a Talisman to take home to grow your creativity . . .


And best of all you will have the experience of being seen and heard

by others seeking joy and a little more creativity just like you.

 Gather a few friends or close work team and

set a date.



private sessions

life gone flat? 

for life-transitioners + curious kindred spirits

get started

get back in synch,

see the possibilities, seize the opportunities

feeling overwhelmed, scattered or just plain bla?

Be reBOLDed

On the surface it’s about guiding,

though your transition, simply, from where you are, to where you want to be.

But really, it’s about remembering who you are and choosing who you are becoming.

It’s designed for people who want more richness, more joy in their life, and secretly know they have so much more to offer.

A potent mix of my years reading tarot, making art and coaching, by the end of our time together you will:

  • Be reacquainted with your resources 
  • Find solutions perfect for you
  • Have new tools for staying focused
  • Be excited to get out and get started

And best of all you’ll have the experience of being seen and heard by someone who really 



Grab your curiosity and get ready to play (there could be cards, candles and colour pencils). Dare to

claim a date

for you and your time to shine!

Makes no difference where you are.

It works online and in person.


Gratitudes . . .

I came in overwhelm, hoping to feel some calm and clarity… and I left with so much more!

When Kaye recently offered me a tarot card reading, I jumped at the opportunity ~ however this was unlike any other reading I’ve had before. There is no doubt that Kaye is gifted in her ability to read cards and pinpoint what is there: without knowing me and what I’ve had brewing and bubbling up inside me she immediately saw I was wanting to bring something big to the world, that it was time, and I have everything alignment to make this a success, if I just keep moving forward with it. The confidence and inspiration this instilled in me left me with goose bumps! and has had me forging ahead with my project in leaps and bounds ~ this kind of encouragement and clarity has been priceless!

But what Kaye then offered me was when the magic really began – it was her artworkand follow-up Mentoring sessions that allowed for a even greater impact of her work. Kaye suggested that I look through some of the pieces she has created around traditional tarot cards ~ these stunning cards are Kaye’s own interpretation of traditional cards and are truly breathtaking. I have mine sitting next to my laptop for daily inspiration and that little nudge to keep going, that I am supported and my dreams have been heard; the rest is simply up to me.

And I guess that is where the potentially tricky part comes in; where I would have normally come unstuck and allowed for many more months to pass before working on my dream again. However Kaye has created the perfect container to hold and encourage that dream to come to fruition – with 3 follow-up sessions that I chose to take by phone, Kaye has been there to cheerlead and support my next moves; to ask the hard questions and help me focus on my exact next steps and birth this thing!

Kaye has found a wonderful way to blend the amazing gifts and talents she has ~ allow her to emBOLDen you too... I deeply encourage you to seek her out if you are wanting to find clarity, answers and a way of moving forward with making your own desires and dreams a reality!

Emma Bathie

,  Holistic Health Coach

Wow! Kaye, you are a person and an artist.

There are very few people who truly listen. Taking time to listen is giving. Giving is loving.

Thank you sharing time with me. It gave me comfort, and I appreciated your objectivity. You helped confirm so much that I am subconsciously aware of. Saying it aloud brings it all to life.

The gift of your art is awesome. Thank you, thank you. I am reading a story of joy in it . . . (and much more). I'm hanging it in my apartment to help me through my transition . . .

Sylvia Roder


Global Communications Expert

I love working with Kaye! . . . she is woman of many diverse talents. I think  this wide breadth of life experience is one of the things that  makes her such a wonderful guide/mentor.   

Roxanne Wilson


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