vintage afternoon

it wasn't just the book
that held her

her grandmother's embrace 
and her barley sugar voice
murmured through the green velvet


I went to an exhibition the other day "Vintage, Design with a History" it really moved me. Juxtaposed with all these funky old stories revived were all the 'pretend old' toxic 'distressing' jeans, furniture and more - it was. Distressing. We want beyond the anonymous manufacturing, but we manufacture the beyond. Bring on the real soul in your stuff. 

Love up something you sit on or wear today!

:) Kaye

p.s. I wrote something more about the exhibition here in Girlfriends Guide to Zurich

driveby beauty

may you breathe in the beauty 
on your way


glitches today and the technology won't play 
The pics I dreamed of all white and clear are grey and brown and no where near
but I'm putting them up anyway
cos for me progress is, just doing it 
and making adjustments on the way.

What beauty drew you in today and what glitches tried to make you sway?