Change // Grace

the mask - illustration friday

She pulled out her favourite, the best for a party. It went with her shoes and the bag and the do. The others had theirs and the conversation turned. She slid sideways with her glass to refill. Down the hall, the door was ajar it beckoned her in. Respite from the chatter and clatter and din. In the darkness she felt, around her feet were strewn all manor of things. Hm, no one was watching, she tried one on. . .

what would you secretly like to try on?

how to be graceful in change . . .

under a wave
it's a washing machine
every which way.
You can try
to be graceful or come out smooth
bathing suit all in place.
But why?
If you just let go
and go with the flow
you'll feel bubbles
tickle your face.

When change turns your life upside down you can try really hard to hold on to all your old ways or you can allow the universe to suck you into place.
You never know where it will lead because 
after all the new is somewhere you haven't been.

That's what I kindly remind myself when my tongue feels tied, my hair's in my face and my insides are squirming.  It's going to feel strange when I'm wanting (or having to) change. So I realign myself to my clearest big picture and find that still spot deep in my heart and expand it out as big as I can. Then all of the stumbles and fumbles can happen and nothing can knock me off centre.

Hey sometimes I need to remind myself over and over but it's the kindly part that helps the most.

What are some of your kindly reminders? The ones that help the most . . .

lighting our way

moving across the world
from lighter to darkening
Australia to Switzerland
from coming summer to coming winter.
Celebrations of light paved our way.
Feels like divine timing - but isn't it all ;)

We chucked out the old from our home and lit up a whole new one. . .
then left to
Diwali in India we cleaned out the old again and put on something new
lit up lanterns at the door to welcome good fortune in
set off firecrackers to drive evil spirits away.
and ate sweets too.

Halloween snuck itself in between
but I'll call it Samhain
harvest an end heading down in to winter
respect all your ancestors, light up the dark
burn a big bonfire
maybe dance about.

Then we arrived to the 'Raebelichtli umzug' in our new town
and marched through the night with all the school kids around
carrying their lanterns of carved purple turnips, through the dark streets
an old Swiss celebration of harvests end and lighting the way into winter
a nice way to meet our new beat.

The end of our beautiful Bondi harvest for now,
Lighting our way into Rueschlikon.
Here are the lamps we lit for Diwali
and the lanterns we made to light our way
to our new home
and into our new year . . .

how did you celebrate
the season change?
the full moon?

11.11.11 ???


a taste of india


or should I say drive-by-Bangaluru
We didn't stay long
thank you to Gaja who drove us around
busy streets that Belgian Kim loved to drive
 'like an always fun video game' in and out :)
Thanks to our hosts and old friends George and Smitha,
and Nishka and Goro for lots of fun
for having a car and a driver and beds,
 and time to indulge some of our fancies.

India for our first time
it's true all they say
a feast for the senses
the colour
the array
of everything under the sun and some more.

Min Mia an aboriginal teacher of mine
who teaches of miwis and stories and songlines
said in her travels she found the songline of humanity 
and it runs right through India
Humanity rich and delicious and dusty and true.


There's no turning back

out of the comfort zone
and into the

the new

The surf was all small in Bondi on the weekend
It was lovely to see all my old surf pals again
Caught a few tiny waves to hold in my memory.

While my insides feel like I've taken off on a monster.
Where is the bottom and when do I turn?
How do I ride this one?
All new terrain.

Hey ok - like we all know
be right here now
take it one moment at a time
feel as you feel

A lot of feelings running around
be still

it's a timeless wide moment

now even this painting's been sold
the house almost empty

it's time to be bold.

Moving to another country on the other side of the world? 
another language? another way?

How have some of those big changes been for you?

taking the leap

I heard a saying the other day
something like "You can't cross a gorge with two steps"
anyway - you get the picture - looks a bit like wile e coyote trying it out mid air then . . .
sound effect, smoke . . . down
(yes I used to draw cartoons for Disney and I still sometimes see like that :)

So sometime you're just going to have to leap

We bought our tickets yesterday
 to move to Switzerland for a year and
I feel a bit mid air
It was a leap - I remember
so keep my eyes ahead

don't look down

It feels the same in more ways than one
starting out in my new business too.

Working now with my own creativity
and mentoring others to theirs.

Keeping my eye's high
Let's fly . . .

renovate = make new again

renovate - from the latin re - "again" and 
novare - "to make new"

We're living in deep reno
And what a team - we have Nici and her bright ideas with Angus and the boys to put all the pieces together - what fun. Finally got the internet back, almost got a kitchen. 
But what we really got is new life coming in.

How are the phase changes in your life?
The seasons are a changing, more light's coming in, more light's coming into my house - I'm looking forward to all the new games coming up, more writing and more painting. 
More ideas are flowing and more friends to share them with.