Colour Your World

vintage afternoon

it wasn't just the book
that held her

her grandmother's embrace 
and her barley sugar voice
murmured through the green velvet


I went to an exhibition the other day "Vintage, Design with a History" it really moved me. Juxtaposed with all these funky old stories revived were all the 'pretend old' toxic 'distressing' jeans, furniture and more - it was. Distressing. We want beyond the anonymous manufacturing, but we manufacture the beyond. Bring on the real soul in your stuff. 

Love up something you sit on or wear today!

:) Kaye

p.s. I wrote something more about the exhibition here in Girlfriends Guide to Zurich

the art of being uniquely you – just add colour - yours

You were lost in the colours, you smeared them all over the page. Permission, for a moment to dream, your fingers remembered. What did we want to be when we grew up was the question and you were back now not wanting to say.

It was almost your turn to share when beside you she spun around her picture all beautiful symmetrical and clear “ I always wanted to be a mathematician” she said. Well your eyes lit up with smile that blinded and then we all looked to you.

“I never wanted to be a mathematician!” 

It was the best thing you’d heard yourself say. All the time you’d thought everyone must want to be an artist. You thought it wouldn’t be fair to take someone else’s place, so you became a nurse.

With those few words you were free, to be, and so was she.

* * * 

There’s no one who can take the space that's uniquely yours to fill!

What did you want to be?

I’ve made you this little permission piece – a colour-in to play with while you ponder.

Print it out (here's a link). Choose your colours and let yourself wander as you wonder what it was and what the smallest step might be to go there.

Share your stories and colours with us all here.



ps. If you did want to be a mathematician go right on and turn that 'wasn’t' into a big fat was!


pps. True story. And now she is an artist!

Colour Your World

Colour Your World 

- BOLDer!

Once upon a time, ok it was twelve years ago and the big millennium change, I was given a Colouring Calendar. Ha, you say, but those humble home baked pictures made such a mark on my year. It got to be that I relished each month claiming that piece of time to open and play so much that all kinds of other magic overflowed in my life. My world came alive!

I started to write and made more pictures that covered the walls. The serendipity flowed. I made an amazing new circle of friends. Fell into our dream house and brought home our first baby. Then came a second and and a home of our own, then my true work of helping others to find their creativity, their joy and their flow. I still have those colourings, they remind me of the magic they’d suggested and the wonder I remembered and the joy I found inside.

So over the past few months I’ve been hard at work creating something pretty sweet to give back. It started out just pictures then I couldn’t help but keep adding more and more fun tips.

It’s a Big Kids Colouring-e Book rolled up with juicy prompts to remembering your mojo.
And it’s the fun perfect starter to getting out your shining confident Self.
And here it is tied with a bow :)

For every grown up who is still willing to explore, to experiment, to play this is dedicated to YOU!

And still, truth is, to billions of people on the planet the idea of “playing” is an inconceivable luxury. This is dedicated to them too!

For every purchase of this wee-book, $5 goes to the Belen Project Colouring the Worlds of the children, families and citizens of Belen.

So here it is: Colour Your World – 100 ways to becoming BOLD.
It's beckoning, thirsty for your colours & practically guaranteed to shake out a few creative pearls into your life.

Jump in!

You pay $20
(and $5 goes to the Belen Project)

Here’s to your Colouring – may it continue way outside the lines!!

Kaye xx

Thanks for sharing Kaye!!!!
That is SO cool!
I love it.
Going to print it up and colour it in.
Gosh – it’s up there with the Sark stuff only you get to do the colours for yourself!

a bit of Paris

looking from the centre out in all directions

a little bit of Paris

old friends making new memories

little bit of wisdom - ok maybe a Levis ad?

Avenue of love

you gotta start by loving you ;)

sailing on the seven seas

a perspective

a promise

a question - what's your dream?

follow it . . .

The kind of moments you get when you're closer to things
when you get an invitation
and when you say yes

But what to do in two short wintry days?
Be with friends
Be amazed - again
Be curious - look beyond or behind
Be open - to what you find

What a gift 
a time out of time 
a moment 
out of all my busy mine
to just be
and soak it up 
a little atmosphere 
a breath of different air 
refreshed revived

You can take those moments anywhere. What's that great quote about change? It's all about seeing with different eyes? When I lived in Bondi, when I lived in Byron, even when I lived in Bali when I got so tangled up in my same life repeating myself over and over . . . I'd just take a different way home, put on a different tune, put on a different kind of hat and open the way for something new . . . 
give yourself a surprise - a gift to you xx

sink in deep

I try not to look for too long at the sea green pictures from home
Summer Australia comes washing at my feet each day
I love and cringe to see aquabumps in my inbox :/
But I'm dreaming
my old favourite ways aren't here with me
long walks on the beach and the swaying silence
of sinking beneath the surface of the sea.

I tried the indoor pool but it's mostly good for up and down
which helps a bit
but my dreams need soaking
a steeping
like tea
so I light some candles and sink into a bath.
Let your mind wander
what colors your dreams?

I found myself with reds and greens
coloring my children's Christmas pictures as I listened to words of life
and words of wonder with sparkle and heart and raindrops
Have you heard Sarah Kay - she completely makes my day

Here's a bath to for you to dream in
to print out and colour your own way

may you steep in your own next story

love Kaye

Stop and Smell the Flowers . . .

How busy it's been
Now I'm in another country
How busy it gets

When I just STOP
drop out of my head and into my body
breathe, feel the air, sense all around me, look up
use commas, full stops.

what comes in is gratitude
and all the sparkles and smells and tingles
bring life back into me

if I just stop

When the kids get nutty I send them outside
I say take off your shoes and put your feet on the ground
it works
I need to do it for me too

They get to just be more than we let ourselves do
So here's a little big kids colouring to take time out to play and ponder
together or alone.

I might colour it autumn and you might make it spring
but together we make our lives come bright
when we let the gratitude in

Print it out
take some time for you . . .

Colour Your World

There's so much to pack up, to sort, to do
A spring clean.

Spring, what a funny time
it really can't decide what it is
between summer and winter
that's how I feel - between
Right now it's back in winter.
I wish I had a fire
just stare into
and lose my self,
or my lists.

The children are on holidays
but I'm on everything.
The Gyoto Monks are down the road at our school hall
offering 'Tortang' Karma Burning Ritual.
I think I'll need one in my back yard
for all the tiny bits that accumulate
that there's no place for anymore.

But there amidst the busyness they make their magnificent sand mandala
focused, patient and immersed.

I can't make a mandala like them
I can't even have my fire (it's raining)
but when I sit to colour in
I can lose my self 
and gather my self anew.

Here's a little fire for colouring
my little gift to you.