Illustration Friday

not all bears are big

 fragile for

illustration frida


My daughter just finished a project on bears so I've been seeing a lot of them this week. (Did you know that polar bears fur is hollow, it

traps air inside and makes the bear buoyant in water. ha ;). 

But it was when a friend told me I had an owl as a 'spirit animal' and I started thinking of other kinds. I thought, if you had a bear would you always have to be larger than life and strong? . . . Then I thought of the little guys that live in the wild place over the hill from me. When I first saw them, the three of them were rumbling around together and then one raced up the tree. Like the thinnest young tree and it just bent,


over. Mum was watching from the pond though and when it looked like breaking she leaned on out of the water and looked, hard. Instantly, baby came clumsily down. So I'm thinking 'no' and 'yes' both. 

ps. I made an


too. . .

what kind of animal have you got walking with you?

the mask - illustration friday

She pulled out her favourite, the best for a party. It went with her shoes and the bag and the do. The others had theirs and the conversation turned. She slid sideways with her glass to refill. Down the hall, the door was ajar it beckoned her in. Respite from the chatter and clatter and din. In the darkness she felt, around her feet were strewn all manor of things. Hm, no one was watching, she tried one on. . .

what would you secretly like to try on?

what's your totem?

What's your symbol?
Your Totem . . ." a natural object or animal with spiritual significance adopted as an emblem"?

Last week I got a new name from SARK  " Twirling Vision"
I laughed because it reminded me
There was a time when all my doodles were circles
and then they swirled and caught colours

And then I unwound them
and they started to ground

It makes me excited to wonder
what kind of magic might be found   . . .

What symbol is unfolding your story??

Linking in with all my Illustration Friday visioners :)

Sometimes you’ve got to just let go, and other things I’ve come to know.

I always thought I was a good swimmer. Until my leg-rope broke, and the world turned upside down, and then flipped it round and round. Hair and sand and swimmers a knotted ball of twine, I barely gasped a gulp of air before the next wave came. Then another and relentlessly another, my chest got tight with panic and fright, animal instincts just screamed, reach for the light. The current dragged and more waves loomed there was nothing I could do. Spent, I gave up and then I just let go. Somewhere in that over and over I felt the rhythm of that rolling ragdoll dance and a crooked smile found itself stuck to the side of my face, plus the seaweed and red-faced gratitude as I washed up on the sand.

Here’s a list of other things I’ve come to know some of them with grace but most with a similar surrender and a certain length of time . . .

What I’ve come to know

From school I realised that your strengths can carry your weaknesses, until they grow
From painting and the whole creative process, I get every time - listen to the muse and keep going through the ‘arrgh this is horrendous!’ stage - it’s a part of the process.

From a BA in Visual Art, a piece of paper and a prize came when I did my thing and kept doing it.
From Pro Surfing I found if you immerse yourself, do something every day and hang around with people who are better than you, you’ll get good too.
From drawing cartoons at Walt Disney Studios, the most fun never makes it to the screen.
From a Post Grad in Education + Special Ed - everyone’s special.
From Twelve Step Programs I learned the grace of anonymity and the strength of principles.
From Facilitating Groups for families affected by addiction I found everyone plays a part in every story.
From painting the whole journey of Tarot over a year and a day, we are all connected and inspiration comes from everywhere, if you ask.

Through having a brother that’s ‘different’ – I know that ‘same’ is no one at all.
Through watching a sister go through drug addition, that miracles do happen and continue to.
Through watching a mother die, that hearts can break in many ways and healing can happen at any stage.

From travelling always - no matter where you go - you take yourself.
From years of esoteric study - patterns do play out and, everything can change.
From reading tarot - the truth is often not what people want
From many small business ventures it’s best to know what you want and what you are willing to do, really – then see if they match, and check the same with your partners.
From Teaching and helping others teach, watching people express from their essence shines inspiration to the world.

From Coaching & Mentoring - everyone has their answer we just need a loving space, the right question and the ability to acknowledge it.

From all the jobs for rent and food and (plane tickets round the world), there’s always so much more than you realise that you offer to the world – every day.
You are way more than your ID card tells you.

From all these years of life and learning . . . I know it’s all about love and joy and the courage to choose it - over and over.

What do you know now?

illustration friday - shy

Where have you been hiding?

I’d hide for hours under the stairs in the corner, way before there was a Harry.  It was my invisible test to see how long before anyone noticed. I’d hear them passing by and up and down on their way to rooms or cups of tea.  Eventually I’d start to hear “where’s Kaye?” What a funny satisfaction in that simple question mark.

Where is your hiding place? 
Have you been waiting for someone else to see you 
and tell you it’s ok to come out to shine?

And when they did notice and say ‘hey, wonderful, that’s great’ 
did you pass it off and say ‘oh no’, ‘not that’, ‘not me’?

It took a lot of years to realise it wasn’t up to them to find me, 
that I wasn’t a product of another’s reflection, 
I had my own shine – inside.


Come out

Let's shine 

Where's your hiding place?
And what are you waiting for?

illustration friday - tall

right then Poppy decided to grow tall

make a decision
reach for what you want

ha ha yes
thanks Poppy

I'm trying to decide which style of illustration I want to call my own
right now I'm a bit of a chameleon
having fun trying on different styles

but wandering through my favourite books I want to paint like that
and then like that, just like clothes on a rack

It's like mirroring someone
getting a feel for where they're at.

I used to mimic someones run and feel 
right through their shoes,
you know like that saying . . .

so if you were to feel into me
you might find I don't really know
right now

sometimes I want to be more ethereal and fast
I had some fun with watercolour

today I wanted more solid and real
and this is what we got :)

what are you playing with today??

illustration friday - Teacher

So there I was snowed in in the alps of Switzerland, far far away from the summer sea of my home and I started to doodle and what do you know out came these two and the words. 
Then drawing and drawing of surfing and swimming . . .

It helped me through the transition - my memories of going with the flow - literally. 
And in the times of feeling all clumsy and awkward, upside down on my skis or 
tongue tied with umlauts I smiled with my reverie of floating :)

Fast forward to this week and Illustration Friday - what fun to give these two some colour,  
the children painting beside me, learning how to mix colours :)

Illustration Friday - Freeze

Freeze like cheese!

A moment in time 
hair wild
smile as wide.

Used to be my favourite.
The grass, scratchy, summertime but windy,
with Lucy and Melissa,
brothers and sisters
and the salty sea smell.

Spun around on the end of an arm
and let go to land . . . how?

'Salt' or 'Pepper' choose.
'Pepper', faster, 
But when Toni came
might mean
to fly :)

join in have a play


suspense . . .

He loved the tingling
it stated in his toes.
The numbers counted down
his skin came alive from inside
when he heard the words
coming ready or not . . .

It felt like that when he waited with the others
the candles were lit. . .

And this time . . .
behind the door 
he barely breathed
he had the ring
ready in his hand.

my first go at Illustration Fridays  . . . each Friday they post a new topic  - "It was designed to challenge participants creatively. We believe that every person has a little creative bone in their body. Illustration Friday just gives a no-pressure, fun excuse to use it." -  want to have a go?