Thank YOu Thursdays

Fank you Friday

Cos I'm not perfect

Cos I don't remember my own medicine sometimes 
Cos then I do some other times.

Today was one of those days
not a perfect day 
not a perfect progress

The I remembered 
then I got up
then I stepped out 
then I just
look up

Not a perfect tree
not a perfect leaf
not a perfect sky

Lots of holes
but the light
shines bright right through

Not a perfect day 
just a perfect moment.

And the words of Donald Neale Walsh fell through the space
God only sends me Angels
And everything was ok.

What medicine would you hear today?

thank you thursday

what can I say
pink shoes 
on young girls
glowing with possibility

just like those raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
brown paper packages tied up with string
these are a few of my favorite things . . .

so my young daughter asks me
will I be beautiful when I am 13
and I say everyone is beautiful when they are 13

I think I might say the same
if she asked about 60.

I'm thankful for the reminders of gratitude
and the magic of compassion
when you don't think you can
fake that self love till you make it.

The kind of compassion
that can give everyone another chance
when I can give that to myself
there is more hope

And for the ones that are there
to remind me
my mentor, my fellows
and the Thursday calls

Thank you

What are you grateful for today?

Thank YOu Thursday

Even when it's Friday

To Danielle LaPorte for echoing in my mind  . . . Do what you say you're going to do!
Do what you say you're going to do! Do what you say you're going to do!
and all her other bold, beautiful and catalyst-ic starters.

For the long summer holidays and all their glorious sidetracking from big projects and their re-membering of the essence of life. Appreciation of the world around me, sharing time with people, reading, driving, being back in the sea, swimming in crystal rivers, walking on hot sand and cool forests, simply being, smiling, grateful.

Yep I wanna be grateful today for the sidetracking. For the wonderful sparkles that treasure the way be it those amazing silver flecked rocks along the Versachetal and the way we felt compelled with the others to play them into mini monuments. To all the mementos left as a magical trail the 'I wuz here' with it's gossamer thread to a someone and their muse. To the people who put statues in their gardens for me to see and flags and flowers and windwhirlers as I paddle by on the lake.

And to all the beautiful diversions I came across on in my virtual world that made me smile, that made me think, that made me connect and remember that I am enough and most especially that gratitude is the key even to allowing acknowledging and accepting those things that are also the bane of my progression like sidetracking and diversions. Gratitude makes them not wrong but a beautiful new colour - part of the kaleidoscope of me.

boy that was fun gratitude - I wanna start each day this way
try it - it'll make you smile

what would be your list today??

:) Kaye

thank you thursday

I'm still smiling from last night's full moon and lying in the grass with the most booming falling firework stars falling out of the sky like 'for real 3D' almost to my nose. :)

For the person who picked up my towel and left it hanging on the fence for me to find when I realized I must have dropped it on my way to the lake :)

For "The Help" I just watched now and the line something like "sometimes courage skips a generation - thank you for bringing it back to this family" the humility and the courage.

For the Bishop (ok don't have his link - just a random find) for reminding me and so many others "your harvest is white!" - you are it right now!

Looking forward to tomorrow and living from there!
and driving all the way to find the sea . . .


and to all of you who stop by to visit :)

Thank YOu Thursday!

I want to start a Thank You Thursday
Well because really gratitude is the key
to all possibility.

If you can't be grateful completely
for where you are, who you are
and how you got here,
there's no space for the new to come.
There's too much clutter of good or bad or incomplete
claiming all your time.

Just say thank you
find a way
even if it isn't pretty.

That tiny gem
that glint of silver lining any cloud.
Watch it grow and even so a creaky smile
a hint of grin or maybe laugh out loud

feel the space inside and all around you
open up, spread out wide
and in flows the breeze of

. . . So Thank You today for:

Thursday for Thor's Day and the thunder
my favorite sound cooling me down
after this hot summer day.

For Gala Darling's Things I Love Thursdays
and all the things she is
bold, daring, colorful, full!

For Roy and HG's Throbbing Thursday.
The Dream and Fatso
I've been doing reruns -
for watching the Olympics
there's nothing like them ;)

And for the plums I filled my jumper with
out early walking the cobbled edges of Gordavio
and the breakfast of them stewed poured on rice
that reminded me of my mother
and our european combie camper vacation :)

What are you thankful for today
It grows the more you share!

:)   K