being bold

I want to live in a world where we grow 
the courage + joy
to love + live
all our messy and marvelous selves.

For me right now being bold is letting words fall out in clumsy rhyme 
drawing out the stories that pop in my mind and 
colouring them with feelings that might smear or shine . . .

What's being bold for you?

I am emBOLDed when I
dare to be
all of me.

When I know
it's not about being perfect
it's about having a go.

When I allow
all of my feelings to be my guide
and I listen.

When I acknowledge
where I'm at
and appreciate the fact.

When I am grateful
or find a way to be
no matter what.

When I don't call myself
wrong or right
just now and next.

When I choose
and know I can
in every moment.

and when I am willing
to become the new
even when I've never
met it.

When I find a smile
even when it takes
a while
and when I remember
I am so much more
than you
or even I
can see.

Be bold

puzzle pieces are meant to be wonky

If we were all the same
there'd be no space to try things out
to make mistakes
to try again
another way

we might just roll along the same old way
or sit real still
afraid to play

I'd rather be all lumpy
and take the road that's

cos you never know
who you might meet
if you don't take off your socks and show
your funny jumpy feet