and how do you find your way back?

how to be graceful in change . . .

under a wave
it's a washing machine
every which way.
You can try
to be graceful or come out smooth
bathing suit all in place.
But why?
If you just let go
and go with the flow
you'll feel bubbles
tickle your face.

When change turns your life upside down you can try really hard to hold on to all your old ways or you can allow the universe to suck you into place.
You never know where it will lead because 
after all the new is somewhere you haven't been.

That's what I kindly remind myself when my tongue feels tied, my hair's in my face and my insides are squirming.  It's going to feel strange when I'm wanting (or having to) change. So I realign myself to my clearest big picture and find that still spot deep in my heart and expand it out as big as I can. Then all of the stumbles and fumbles can happen and nothing can knock me off centre.

Hey sometimes I need to remind myself over and over but it's the kindly part that helps the most.

What are some of your kindly reminders? The ones that help the most . . .