free colour - in

So I'm drawing out ideas and I go to turn them into something more and they say stop!
Offer me up simple they say, for someone else to doodle, to colour and to share.

I love to help people get started. Get creative. 

Because doing something creative brings you back to you, always.


Simple lines
For you to fill, with your colours

On the surface it’s about something fun to play and share
But really it’s a secret path back to you, your centre your soul.

It’s designed to just pull out with your cuppa, in the café, on the kitchen table with your kids or between stops on the train.

Print out + colour =
·      then you’ll have something of yours on the fridge.
·      then send with love to a friend . . .
·      then best of all you’ll have given yourself 5minutes or more to be with your heart and your creativity.
“Creativity brings you back into connection with yourself and your sovereignty” Hiro Boga

. . . lose your lists for a moment and let your spirit play.

* * *

I sewed up a cool little holder and slipped in a rainbow pencil to get you started – just pop over to my shop to get it.


Jump on my list and I’ll send you a free high-resolution pdf to print out and start . .