Hello dear Twitterers

Welcome to my branch
so lovely to hear your voice
touching light across the trees
leaving sweet song sparkles
drifting in the breeze

or or see you flying steep across the skies
strong call wide sweep shadow
fast across the ground

your sharp keen eye and long claw grasp
bend deep and spring to launch
seeing far and flying high
wise and sharp and clear

or your light as air
and breath and mist
magic glyphs revealed

so glad to see you
stop a moment
here in my small tree
sometime home
cheeky Australian parrot
sometime to quirky Swiss blaumeisen

I hope your rest was sweet and
rewarded with a seed
a trinket, a shinybright idea

to carry on
to share along
with the bees of
cross pollination :)

wrap up & set up - the focus sessions

I want to introduce . . . little drum roll ok big guggenmusik noise
my heart mentoring & coaching

This work represents an irrepressible desire to champion dreams and
create lives full of wonder, gratitude and service

I play with the peoples who want to find and live their purpose, and believe it’s not about being perfect - but about being bold 
and having a go.

Here's my favourite way how . . .

Wrap up & Set up 
- the focus session - 

The place to bring your whole self, be gathered together and set into motion . . . aligned to your highest, clearest and brightest, attuned and humming to your direction. . .

So you're doing your best towards all you can be but you’ve lost some direction?
Been circling, so many ideas and don’t know what to choose or where to start?
Know there's so much more to you that keeps tapping your shoulder.

Bring all the parts of you in, all you've done and all you are
especially the still small voices whispering in your ear to 
Wrap up & Set up
for the course that's yours and true.

Come with me One to One - deep, focused and true or  

Small Group (3-5) share with others, heart centred mavens,
living their life with intention and creating the change they want to see in their world.
There’ll be guided processes and playful prompts, a bit of banter and the magic of
when two or more are gathered, in appreciation and encouragement.

I’ll be holding you in your biggest potential to

Shift your perspective about what’s possible for your life

Acknowledge how far you’ve come and the jewels in where you’ve been.

Clear the clutter of all the ‘to – do’s'

Align to your Personal Theme and Find Your Key

Clarify your 3 most juicy Priorities

Log in your first moves of how to get there in Style – Yours!

You will emerge with a honed and singing compass bearing.

A heading shining lighthouse bright with

Steps to follow even at night

And most of all with - your personal key
How does it fit the door to your next opportunity?

The Wrap up & Set up - the Focus Sessions 

2 Juicy Hours
One on One - $130 
Small Group (3-5) - $85 

To book in 
or to ask me any questions 
just email.

About me

I work in Practical Alchemy simple formulas for transformation.

As a qualified Mentor, Coach and Teacher, I have been Mentor and Teacher to many starting out on their Creative Journeys. A mother too and artistic explorer I know the value of the wide open witness and precious protector for all things new and possible.

Praise :)

Thank you Kaye for facilitating the Wrap-Up & Set-Up. It seems to make a huge difference having someone guide one through and hold an open, loving space – keeping it simple and asking the poignant questions that trigger realisation and revelation. I hadn’t realised just how challenged the year had felt (for me) and how with hindsight, planning and innocent desire I can influence the future – bringing me closer to a year I’d like to have. Anne Errey– Fine Artist and Arts Educator & Mentor
Thanks to Kaye Llewelyn for your great coaching on the call to set our goals for 2012! It's amazing what we all accomplished in a one hour call! I am totally empowered and feelin' COURAGEOUS :) You rock , girl.  Indra Teacher
Kaye, thanks so much for the wrap up session at the end of 2011, it was so helpful and I keep referring back to the notes I made. It really helped me to get things in focus, even pointing out the 'little' things, you know like getting drawers in order and stuff like that. Also the online format worked really well, and was very user friendly.  Leanne Berelowitz - Artist. Teacher. Mama

playing footsies with my fly-tribe

magic afoot - boots in confetti bombed Basler Fasnacht
There's wonder everywhere
What a magical mystery tour it's been
the flying carpet ride daring to step out into
the big world moving to the other side of the earth
the wide web world of multitude flowering creativity
the internal backroads and forgotten corners that have been waiting to come out and play

Having family and friends to write home to or skype in a moment of crosstime connection
My man in the other room playing his own game
And my fly-tribe out there paving their own ways
sharing their lessons and learnings
their tips and tools
wearing their own shoes and sharing the journey

It was their idea to share shoes together - on this day
and laughed cos I'd been doing just that
I started in spring and we pulled down our house - well half of it
Then we left home and I could have had wings or airplane sox ;)
If I'd had sandles with henna red dust that'd be india
then my favourite reds in the new lands autumn/herbst/fall
the boots came out for winter
the wooly deep in snow
and the shiny black buckled speeding ski kind

now the spring is here 
so out come the reds again
ready to jump then
I look forward to the summer
and seeing my toes

it's a jump over the old and up to the new . . .

who said it - 
"to really know someone - walk a mile in their shoes"
thank you all for sharing your journeys
here I sit today on my birthday in these
slippers knitted by the inimitable Joan
mother of two of my dearest friends and
knitter for many a spirit seekers feet,
musing on my mother who borned me today, many years ago
and all the places I've been since then . . .

tea, me and reverie