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what does progress taste like?

For any of you - like me, who keep finding themselves
putting the kettle on - again ;)

What does progress taste like?

I know it's not chocolate, although
if I run far enough it can be.
Then I'm wrapped in it's cloud passing the Lindt factory ;)

It's surely not nuts
cos they taste like that walk
around the house
and the next kettle and tea.

It's not sour like that taste
of spending too long and lost on the web

Or that omg bite and acid grab
of totally forgetting
that date that we made.

Or the bitter regret
of opportunities lost.

I think it's sweet
but not like the treat
I say I'll get when I finish.

More like an apple I've reached
just high enough that it takes
tip toes and a stretch

and one hand to catch and pull the branch closer
the other to twist
and bring to my teeth
the crack of perfect

oh ps.
It could be like that long thread of water
pouring down inside me
soaking into a forgotten summer

How does progress taste for you?

on dreaming . . . and doing

What if you could do anything you wanted? There was paint. You had a blank wall, a room, hey a whole house?

Wow. There I stood in that, a whole house! Just up the hill from mine, one due to be demolished and, thanks to it’s visionary young owner given over to the community – to play! We walked in, there were marks of freedom, what-the-hecks and what-ifs everywhere.

But where to start? What to do? My boy knew, he went straight to the spray cans and the guy with the big mask showing how it was done. There were amazing colours up the stairs. A whole family were at one wall, the children all fingers, painting. Katharina had made her dream of a whole room black and her art class kids had trailed luminous fluorescent beings to creep all over it. I stood there, we had an hour . . .

Then I remembered it, the dream I’d had that morning. It’s the middle of winter, someone standing there and the words had come to me ‘drop your mantel’ (I’m dreaming half German now ;) she drops her heavy coat and glorious starbursts of colour beam from inside.

And there was the wall and there was the paint . . .

To act on our dreams is to show our willingness to trust our intuition, to strengthen our relationship with our deep heart's truth.

Pose a question, send a prayer, state your desire before sleeping and listen for the answer as you wake in the morning. Then act on it. That day.

Guess I'd been asking for clarity, on what to do next.

I want to be led by my heart but like growing any relationship, if it’s not invited, not heard and responded to, knowing will cease to speak.

Let your heart know it’s been heard. Show it. Hey, throw it a mini art party, or a what-the-heck big one, or just pull out a pen and write what it said.

With love

Let's keep asking. 
I'll start.
Tonight I pray for helpful words to write.

What have you been asking for?
What have you been hearing?
What did you do?

 Tell me, tell me, tell me do!


Colour Your World

Colour Your World 

- BOLDer!

Once upon a time, ok it was twelve years ago and the big millennium change, I was given a Colouring Calendar. Ha, you say, but those humble home baked pictures made such a mark on my year. It got to be that I relished each month claiming that piece of time to open and play so much that all kinds of other magic overflowed in my life. My world came alive!

I started to write and made more pictures that covered the walls. The serendipity flowed. I made an amazing new circle of friends. Fell into our dream house and brought home our first baby. Then came a second and and a home of our own, then my true work of helping others to find their creativity, their joy and their flow. I still have those colourings, they remind me of the magic they’d suggested and the wonder I remembered and the joy I found inside.

So over the past few months I’ve been hard at work creating something pretty sweet to give back. It started out just pictures then I couldn’t help but keep adding more and more fun tips.

It’s a Big Kids Colouring-e Book rolled up with juicy prompts to remembering your mojo.
And it’s the fun perfect starter to getting out your shining confident Self.
And here it is tied with a bow :)

For every grown up who is still willing to explore, to experiment, to play this is dedicated to YOU!

And still, truth is, to billions of people on the planet the idea of “playing” is an inconceivable luxury. This is dedicated to them too!

For every purchase of this wee-book, $5 goes to the Belen Project Colouring the Worlds of the children, families and citizens of Belen.

So here it is: Colour Your World – 100 ways to becoming BOLD.
It's beckoning, thirsty for your colours & practically guaranteed to shake out a few creative pearls into your life.

Jump in!

You pay $20
(and $5 goes to the Belen Project)

Here’s to your Colouring – may it continue way outside the lines!!

Kaye xx

Thanks for sharing Kaye!!!!
That is SO cool!
I love it.
Going to print it up and colour it in.
Gosh – it’s up there with the Sark stuff only you get to do the colours for yourself!

illustration friday - tall

right then Poppy decided to grow tall

make a decision
reach for what you want

ha ha yes
thanks Poppy

I'm trying to decide which style of illustration I want to call my own
right now I'm a bit of a chameleon
having fun trying on different styles

but wandering through my favourite books I want to paint like that
and then like that, just like clothes on a rack

It's like mirroring someone
getting a feel for where they're at.

I used to mimic someones run and feel 
right through their shoes,
you know like that saying . . .

so if you were to feel into me
you might find I don't really know
right now

sometimes I want to be more ethereal and fast
I had some fun with watercolour

today I wanted more solid and real
and this is what we got :)

what are you playing with today??

illustration friday - Teacher

So there I was snowed in in the alps of Switzerland, far far away from the summer sea of my home and I started to doodle and what do you know out came these two and the words. 
Then drawing and drawing of surfing and swimming . . .

It helped me through the transition - my memories of going with the flow - literally. 
And in the times of feeling all clumsy and awkward, upside down on my skis or 
tongue tied with umlauts I smiled with my reverie of floating :)

Fast forward to this week and Illustration Friday - what fun to give these two some colour,  
the children painting beside me, learning how to mix colours :)

Thank YOu Thursday

Even when it's Friday

To Danielle LaPorte for echoing in my mind  . . . Do what you say you're going to do!
Do what you say you're going to do! Do what you say you're going to do!
and all her other bold, beautiful and catalyst-ic starters.

For the long summer holidays and all their glorious sidetracking from big projects and their re-membering of the essence of life. Appreciation of the world around me, sharing time with people, reading, driving, being back in the sea, swimming in crystal rivers, walking on hot sand and cool forests, simply being, smiling, grateful.

Yep I wanna be grateful today for the sidetracking. For the wonderful sparkles that treasure the way be it those amazing silver flecked rocks along the Versachetal and the way we felt compelled with the others to play them into mini monuments. To all the mementos left as a magical trail the 'I wuz here' with it's gossamer thread to a someone and their muse. To the people who put statues in their gardens for me to see and flags and flowers and windwhirlers as I paddle by on the lake.

And to all the beautiful diversions I came across on in my virtual world that made me smile, that made me think, that made me connect and remember that I am enough and most especially that gratitude is the key even to allowing acknowledging and accepting those things that are also the bane of my progression like sidetracking and diversions. Gratitude makes them not wrong but a beautiful new colour - part of the kaleidoscope of me.

boy that was fun gratitude - I wanna start each day this way
try it - it'll make you smile

what would be your list today??

:) Kaye

Illustration Friday - Freeze

Freeze like cheese!

A moment in time 
hair wild
smile as wide.

Used to be my favourite.
The grass, scratchy, summertime but windy,
with Lucy and Melissa,
brothers and sisters
and the salty sea smell.

Spun around on the end of an arm
and let go to land . . . how?

'Salt' or 'Pepper' choose.
'Pepper', faster, 
But when Toni came
might mean
to fly :)

join in have a play


poetry? - anyone can :)

So every day I read a Samantha poem
she writes one poem a day

It's such a sensuous way
to focus
It moves me
I have a try
even though I stumble
I'm not so good and I can't help but rhyme
even if it's not the right time

Then the other day in class
when my mind falls in its regular fog
of swirling dative/akkusative der, die das ness
we turn to seite dreissig and
I wake up

They want us to write a poem - in German
but it's ok, it's easy, it's fun and there's a formula!
I do mine with Wendy and it comes out like this:

Der See
Aus dem Fenster
Wir vergessen unsere Ubung

or this in English

The lake
Out the window
We forget our lesson

Ha Ha
Have a go, write one for yourself

It's called an Elfchen (little eleven)
11 words in 5 lines
1st = an adjective / a noun? (1 word)
2nd = what is / what is it? (2 words)
3rd = where is it / what does it? (3 words)
4th = something about yourself / the noun (4 words)
5th = conclusion word (1 word)

We read them out to each other and left the last line to guess. 
My German class just got funner.

Write yourself one.
I'd love to read it :) 

(yep that's the view out the window
pretty easy to drift off . . .)

suspense . . .

He loved the tingling
it stated in his toes.
The numbers counted down
his skin came alive from inside
when he heard the words
coming ready or not . . .

It felt like that when he waited with the others
the candles were lit. . .

And this time . . .
behind the door 
he barely breathed
he had the ring
ready in his hand.

my first go at Illustration Fridays  . . . each Friday they post a new topic  - "It was designed to challenge participants creatively. We believe that every person has a little creative bone in their body. Illustration Friday just gives a no-pressure, fun excuse to use it." -  want to have a go?

dreaming big

and then I found 'the awesome book'
and dallas said remember
dream big dreams
so here is mine
looking out at the unreachable mountains

I ask my inventor son to make me one
but I'm sure it'll come out with a steam engine and funnel :)

that's my dream that goes with crocodiles pants and babel fish,
elephant ears that remember and a little less gravity to bounce.

my really big dream is
what if we all left a trail of love?

I may need some animation for that drawing
cos I'd want it to sparkle  * * *

but I know you can see it

sink in deep

I try not to look for too long at the sea green pictures from home
Summer Australia comes washing at my feet each day
I love and cringe to see aquabumps in my inbox :/
But I'm dreaming
my old favourite ways aren't here with me
long walks on the beach and the swaying silence
of sinking beneath the surface of the sea.

I tried the indoor pool but it's mostly good for up and down
which helps a bit
but my dreams need soaking
a steeping
like tea
so I light some candles and sink into a bath.
Let your mind wander
what colors your dreams?

I found myself with reds and greens
coloring my children's Christmas pictures as I listened to words of life
and words of wonder with sparkle and heart and raindrops
Have you heard Sarah Kay - she completely makes my day

Here's a bath to for you to dream in
to print out and colour your own way

may you steep in your own next story

love Kaye


My children are my impetus
I want to show them - go.

My boy made this drawing for me
many years ago.

I hear them tell that I'm an artist
they haven't my tongue tie
of stumbling over the word of it.

They only see me smile.
When I am making something
with colors and light and time.

I'm here to tell them not to 'try'
just do it, have a go.
Now it's time to take my own words
it's time to 'nelmundo'

He he. When I start to write I can't help rhyme, it just falls out that way. The very first email address I chose was 'nelmundo' short for 'en el mundo' when it was all new and I was out there traveling 
many years ago. It meant that - 'in the world'. 

Cos that was the name my father called me when I was a girl.


And here I am

What was your first email name? Or your first nickname?
I love to hear your stories