flow // let go

Colour Your World

There's so much to pack up, to sort, to do
A spring clean.

Spring, what a funny time
it really can't decide what it is
between summer and winter
that's how I feel - between
Right now it's back in winter.
I wish I had a fire
just stare into
and lose my self,
or my lists.

The children are on holidays
but I'm on everything.
The Gyoto Monks are down the road at our school hall
offering 'Tortang' Karma Burning Ritual.
I think I'll need one in my back yard
for all the tiny bits that accumulate
that there's no place for anymore.

But there amidst the busyness they make their magnificent sand mandala
focused, patient and immersed.

I can't make a mandala like them
I can't even have my fire (it's raining)
but when I sit to colour in
I can lose my self 
and gather my self anew.

Here's a little fire for colouring
my little gift to you.

the heart

there were skeletons in the closet, ok behind
we found them when we moved it
clearing out the old stuff
anatomy of long long ago
peeling off the layers
of time and life and love
finding the faded yellow page
of learnings found and new

what was new is old now
but my heart grows strong and true
as I throw and sell and give away

under all the stuff and rumble
the tousle with the old attachments
stories, bits and maybe-useful-one-day's
stays a patient, waiting heart

filling more as the stuff is emptying
space for joy and thank you's

renovate = make new again

renovate - from the latin re - "again" and 
novare - "to make new"

We're living in deep reno
And what a team - we have Nici and her bright ideas with Angus and the boys to put all the pieces together - what fun. Finally got the internet back, almost got a kitchen. 
But what we really got is new life coming in.

How are the phase changes in your life?
The seasons are a changing, more light's coming in, more light's coming into my house - I'm looking forward to all the new games coming up, more writing and more painting. 
More ideas are flowing and more friends to share them with.