lighting our way

moving across the world
from lighter to darkening
Australia to Switzerland
from coming summer to coming winter.
Celebrations of light paved our way.
Feels like divine timing - but isn't it all ;)

We chucked out the old from our home and lit up a whole new one. . .
then left to
Diwali in India we cleaned out the old again and put on something new
lit up lanterns at the door to welcome good fortune in
set off firecrackers to drive evil spirits away.
and ate sweets too.

Halloween snuck itself in between
but I'll call it Samhain
harvest an end heading down in to winter
respect all your ancestors, light up the dark
burn a big bonfire
maybe dance about.

Then we arrived to the 'Raebelichtli umzug' in our new town
and marched through the night with all the school kids around
carrying their lanterns of carved purple turnips, through the dark streets
an old Swiss celebration of harvests end and lighting the way into winter
a nice way to meet our new beat.

The end of our beautiful Bondi harvest for now,
Lighting our way into Rueschlikon.
Here are the lamps we lit for Diwali
and the lanterns we made to light our way
to our new home
and into our new year . . .

how did you celebrate
the season change?
the full moon?

11.11.11 ???