laughter yoga

free colour-in . . . feel good - just laugh :)

Don't know about you, but here in Switzerland we haven't had much Spring beside rain and Summer coming? Well it's mostly wishes . . .

So this week I decided to laugh anyway and searched out some pals to do it with  . . .  I found Laughter Yoga. I wrote about it here . . . It's all over the world. I bet you could find it near you too.

It was so fun and silly my cheeks are still dented and my tummy muscles - well used. 

Yes you can try this at home - anyway you want!

AND to keep you smiling I give you this pic to print out and play with. Colour those guys purple or green or blue, with stripes or scribbles or polka dots, there's no right way, just like laughing any old how - it'll make you feel good!

This page is from a little something I created called Colour Your World, it's a Colouring-e Book with 100 prompts to creating courage and making fun. Check it out here and help colour someone else's world.

May side splitting, tear rolling, snort making, endorphin flooding laughs rain on you!!