min mia

a taste of india


or should I say drive-by-Bangaluru
We didn't stay long
thank you to Gaja who drove us around
busy streets that Belgian Kim loved to drive
 'like an always fun video game' in and out :)
Thanks to our hosts and old friends George and Smitha,
and Nishka and Goro for lots of fun
for having a car and a driver and beds,
 and time to indulge some of our fancies.

India for our first time
it's true all they say
a feast for the senses
the colour
the array
of everything under the sun and some more.

Min Mia an aboriginal teacher of mine
who teaches of miwis and stories and songlines
said in her travels she found the songline of humanity 
and it runs right through India
Humanity rich and delicious and dusty and true.