free colour - in

So I'm drawing out ideas and I go to turn them into something more and they say stop!
Offer me up simple they say, for someone else to doodle, to colour and to share.

I love to help people get started. Get creative. 

Because doing something creative brings you back to you, always.


Simple lines
For you to fill, with your colours

On the surface it’s about something fun to play and share
But really it’s a secret path back to you, your centre your soul.

It’s designed to just pull out with your cuppa, in the café, on the kitchen table with your kids or between stops on the train.

Print out + colour =
·      then you’ll have something of yours on the fridge.
·      then send with love to a friend . . .
·      then best of all you’ll have given yourself 5minutes or more to be with your heart and your creativity.
“Creativity brings you back into connection with yourself and your sovereignty” Hiro Boga

. . . lose your lists for a moment and let your spirit play.

* * *

I sewed up a cool little holder and slipped in a rainbow pencil to get you started – just pop over to my shop to get it.


Jump on my list and I’ll send you a free high-resolution pdf to print out and start . . 

stuck? - just do something

stalled on starting that project 
I'm painting that book - yikes
the colours are there but that first mark to make . . .

Just do something I thought

I always throw down any extra paint on some other paper 
this time I pulled it out and just drew
hello bird :)
I played with some colour and some paper 
and then it spoke back to me . . .
ha ha the words said 'center from . . .'
exactly what I've been working on
start from the heart!

I love synchronicity

thank you 'just doing it'
and my new friend bird
she's standing by me
as I dare to dive in

make yourself a friend to stay and watch you as you play . . . what would yours say?

making the right kind of friends . . .

does your mind ever just get busy
and go round and round
I had to say to mine - stop!

And then I gave my pencil over
to the other hand.
She took a deep breath
and went round and round
and she made me a new friend.

I'm making friends with the right side of my mind

I reckon she can lead the way much better than the left. Daniel Pink thinks so too. I read Shiloh Sophia telling that she starts all her paintings with her other hand. And some of my most favourites are all other hander's.
Want to follow your big open knowing side? - just give over to your left hand, (or of course your right if you are a lefty ;) and draw . . .
Who comes to visit you?
I'd love to see . . .
(send me a facebooky ;)

xxx K

vintage afternoon

it wasn't just the book
that held her

her grandmother's embrace 
and her barley sugar voice
murmured through the green velvet


I went to an exhibition the other day "Vintage, Design with a History" it really moved me. Juxtaposed with all these funky old stories revived were all the 'pretend old' toxic 'distressing' jeans, furniture and more - it was. Distressing. We want beyond the anonymous manufacturing, but we manufacture the beyond. Bring on the real soul in your stuff. 

Love up something you sit on or wear today!

:) Kaye

p.s. I wrote something more about the exhibition here in Girlfriends Guide to Zurich

driveby beauty

may you breathe in the beauty 
on your way


glitches today and the technology won't play 
The pics I dreamed of all white and clear are grey and brown and no where near
but I'm putting them up anyway
cos for me progress is, just doing it 
and making adjustments on the way.

What beauty drew you in today and what glitches tried to make you sway?

what does progress taste like?

For any of you - like me, who keep finding themselves
putting the kettle on - again ;)

What does progress taste like?

I know it's not chocolate, although
if I run far enough it can be.
Then I'm wrapped in it's cloud passing the Lindt factory ;)

It's surely not nuts
cos they taste like that walk
around the house
and the next kettle and tea.

It's not sour like that taste
of spending too long and lost on the web

Or that omg bite and acid grab
of totally forgetting
that date that we made.

Or the bitter regret
of opportunities lost.

I think it's sweet
but not like the treat
I say I'll get when I finish.

More like an apple I've reached
just high enough that it takes
tip toes and a stretch

and one hand to catch and pull the branch closer
the other to twist
and bring to my teeth
the crack of perfect

oh ps.
It could be like that long thread of water
pouring down inside me
soaking into a forgotten summer

How does progress taste for you?

the art of being uniquely you – just add colour - yours

You were lost in the colours, you smeared them all over the page. Permission, for a moment to dream, your fingers remembered. What did we want to be when we grew up was the question and you were back now not wanting to say.

It was almost your turn to share when beside you she spun around her picture all beautiful symmetrical and clear “ I always wanted to be a mathematician” she said. Well your eyes lit up with smile that blinded and then we all looked to you.

“I never wanted to be a mathematician!” 

It was the best thing you’d heard yourself say. All the time you’d thought everyone must want to be an artist. You thought it wouldn’t be fair to take someone else’s place, so you became a nurse.

With those few words you were free, to be, and so was she.

* * * 

There’s no one who can take the space that's uniquely yours to fill!

What did you want to be?

I’ve made you this little permission piece – a colour-in to play with while you ponder.

Print it out (here's a link). Choose your colours and let yourself wander as you wonder what it was and what the smallest step might be to go there.

Share your stories and colours with us all here.



ps. If you did want to be a mathematician go right on and turn that 'wasn’t' into a big fat was!


pps. True story. And now she is an artist!

what's your totem?

What's your symbol?
Your Totem . . ." a natural object or animal with spiritual significance adopted as an emblem"?

Last week I got a new name from SARK  " Twirling Vision"
I laughed because it reminded me
There was a time when all my doodles were circles
and then they swirled and caught colours

And then I unwound them
and they started to ground

It makes me excited to wonder
what kind of magic might be found   . . .

What symbol is unfolding your story??

Linking in with all my Illustration Friday visioners :)


I know this blue.

From those days that lasted forever with the faded umbrellas and hot town of towels sprawled out from the fringe-circled shade. Our uncle showed us the place.

From where we stood it looked like wild white thunderous mush. 
The edge was our place and the run from rushing destruction. 
Our homes and castles and roadways wiped flat in one stroke 
that might tickle the toes of the sleepers and readers in safety.

You said you can’t go in there, but I valiantly tried over and over, 
to be thrown back every time, crumpled and wet in a heap. 
It was our uncle that could. 
He’d disappear for hours then land back with a whoop at our feet.

Take me too, I begged and one day he did. He said hold on and I’ll show you.

His hands were big and his arms were strong and I floated behind like a string. 
He planted each foot in front of the other while I waved around holding tight. 
The whiteness surged and swirled and pulled but he flung me up on his back. 
I held his shoulders, he yelled take a breath and we plunged down into the mess. 
You know that feel of your father’s back, big, or was it the oil, but I slipped.

I opened my eyes and saw it then – the blue.

He found my hand and showed me his other, dug deep in the sand holding on. 
Up above was the boil but around us was blue and still and calm and surreal. 
The pull subsided and we bent our knees up and pushed from the sand we had held. Sucking in air I looked back at him and knew I burst the same smile. 
I’d arrived, in another world.

I spent all summer in that blue space, sometimes you joined me too. 
Once you got it that you couldn’t half dive or half go down, all the way to the bottom, or half stay there, the whole of the time, till all the chaos all was gone.

Then we’d pretend to take tea and be at the bottom of the sea 
till the storms and body parts rolled over our skies 
and we came out the other side.

Thanks again to Illustration Friday for for creating an amazingly nurturing and inspiring community of artists and throwing out prompts that get me started like this weeks "Power"

praise :)

I love working with Kaye! 
I've known her for many years and as someone has already pointed out, she is woman of many diverse talents. I think  this wide breadth of life experience is one of the things that  makes her such a wonderful guide/mentor.
She is talented artist and has the ability to get 'under' the issue and help one explore from an 'outside the box' creative way. I felt myself making all sorts of non-linear connections that really clarified things for me. Also her experience as a professional sportswoman helped me 'stay on task' until I reached the 'aha moment" I was looking for.
The other quality I want to talk a little about is her earthy calm energy. She holds the space in such a beautiful deep way. This quality I think is very unique and something that has always been there since I've known her. I've watched it in her parenting, her artistic process and then experienced in my work with her. I felt safe and 'enough' we explored some of the things I wanted to shift around. 
If you have a chance to work with her, take it! It'll be wonderful and profound.
Roxane Wilson

An effortless task it is to express praise for you, you're spectacular..... the ambiance @ The Centre was fluid and fun with your sparkling presence.

You took us on an organic journey of recovery and reintegration, exploring through different mediums the possibility of expression and growth. It began with clay, collage, & painting, & then through your encouragement & support of the facilitators @ The Centre, we also explored meditation, yoga, dance, and music.

It was empowering to be given the opportunity to develop & lead the 'Soundplay' workshops, your inspiration and belief was the platform that made that possible. 

I love that you have already had so many diverse incarnations in this lifetime- pro surfer, tarot reader, mother, artist, life coach eclectic & multifaceted.

The reason you are such a wonderful leader, coach & facilitator, is your ability to put people @ ease, & provide a safe, non judgmental place for them to explore their potential. However it is never a dull or predictable place, but instead this safety allows people to rediscover & to nurture parts of themselves that, due to criticism or shame, they have abandoned or neglected.

You're a healer, and creativity is your medium.

Freya Lindblom Singer, Music Therapist, SoundPlay Creator
 It seems to make a huge difference having someone guide one through and hold an open, loving space – keeping it simple and asking the poignant questions that trigger realisation and revelation. I hadn’t realised just how challenged last year had felt (for me) and how with hindsight, planning and innocent desire I can influence the future – bringing me closer to a year I’d like to have.  
Anne Errey – Fine Artist and Arts Educator & Mentor
Thanks to Kaye Llewelyn for your great coaching on the call! It's amazing what we all accomplished in a one hour call! I am totally empowered and feelin' COURAGEOUS :) You rock , girl xoxo
Indra Keliuotis 


I had six mentoring sessions with Kaye, during a period when I was incredibly busy and feeling overloaded and overwhelmed with my life.  
The sessions helped me to gain clarity and focus, including developing practical strategies, and gaining deeper insights into my current goals and aspirations.  Many of the issues I was struggling with, were related to coping as a mother and developing my career as an artist.  Knowing that Kaye herself is an experienced mother and an artist, made me feel like she truly understood where I was coming from, and throughout the sessions I felt like her responses and reactions to my experiences were genuinely caring.   
 While the sessions were open- ended, with Kaye allowing me to set the tone and direction of each one, she maintained a focus by helping me to define one specific thread each time.  She was also very generous is sharing her own life wisdom with me, both in a practical sense, for example, like suggesting different ways to shop, and also in a more energetic sense like teaching me techniques for keeping my energy clear.  
Overall, it was a very positive mentoring experience.  Kaye has a presence that is grounded and calming, and a spiritual outlook on life, which I found especially supportive.  
Leanne Berelowitz - artist, teacher, mother 

I was fortunate to be able to have Mentoring sessions with Kaye, I found them to be a positive catalyst in helping me develop my own workshops I was trying to create and formulate at the time.
Kaye was very professional and yet also nurturing, in her approach as a Mentor. I felt comfortable, guided and supported in the way she conducted the sessions. She was also warm and encouraging, which also helped put me at ease in developing the form and tone of my workshops, as I was a little tentative and unsure in quite which way to let them unfold.
I am now up and running my Courses and this opportunity to work with Kaye has been a most positive adjunct in facilitating this possibility. The Mentoring sessions also really helped consolidate the continuity and content of each of the workshops. I also appreciated having Kaye's feedback and insight on my ideas.
Deborah Leser - Art Therapist, Nutritionist and Wellbeing Therapist

free colour-in . . . feel good - just laugh :)

Don't know about you, but here in Switzerland we haven't had much Spring beside rain and Summer coming? Well it's mostly wishes . . .

So this week I decided to laugh anyway and searched out some pals to do it with  . . .  I found Laughter Yoga. I wrote about it here . . . It's all over the world. I bet you could find it near you too.

It was so fun and silly my cheeks are still dented and my tummy muscles - well used. 

Yes you can try this at home - anyway you want!

AND to keep you smiling I give you this pic to print out and play with. Colour those guys purple or green or blue, with stripes or scribbles or polka dots, there's no right way, just like laughing any old how - it'll make you feel good!

This page is from a little something I created called Colour Your World, it's a Colouring-e Book with 100 prompts to creating courage and making fun. Check it out here and help colour someone else's world.

May side splitting, tear rolling, snort making, endorphin flooding laughs rain on you!!