Workshops for New Mums and Dads

First–Step® workshops are about connecting new mums (and dads) with their babies, with what their needs are and their essential developmental stages, it's about learning games and moves and practices for their best neuro-motor development. But really, it’s all about helping you become the best guide for your child, to grow into their new world.

I remind people that, not like other baby animals born fully wired for life and moments after birth can and must be standing, walking, even running, the human baby is born un-wired. It is only through experiences repeated that their brain and muscle connections are formed. And so the imperative of a baby's first year - to make pathways that create strong foundations to build a future life on.

For that all the senses need to be activated and the essential learning stages built one upon another.

Of course, we make it fun because the best learning comes from playing.


The groups are with mothers (or fathers) and babies of any age up to 9/10months (crawling). Even pregnant mothers, grandparents, carers and anyone wanting to become more confident understanding and handling their babies.

I believe it takes a village.

For a bit of back ground. First-Step is a holistic neuro-motor development method created out of the Feldenkrais Method to empower parents with understanding and skills in offering their babies the best environment to grow in.

It's not about super babies, it's about fully activating each stage as the building block for the next. With games and activities we stimulate all their senses to create well organised, free moving bodies and minds.

Groups are gathered into Baby Come Home (0-3m), Rollers (3-6m) and Crawlers (6-9m) and each session we focus on a theme ranging from:

* The Importance of Tummy Time
* Cradling as a Developmental Stage

* Movement and the Balance System

* Reflexes and their usage

* Eye Contact and Communication

* Calming, Sleeping and Relaxing

* Sound and Concentration

* Expanding the Sense of Touch


For our workshops together each time you'll get an introduction and content tailored to the specific babies participating. I will answer questions, show you moves, new stimulations, we'll learn games and I'll leave you with games you can play with at home.

I run my workshops out of Himmelblaues in Kilchberg - Tuesdays and Fridays - or in your home or group. Together with the other experiences I offer for exploration and growing creative confidence, my motto is:

Bold Mamas - Bold Babies.

Grow together with your babies, meet new people, create the village you want with like minded friends.

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