Play Outside the Lines

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Everyone can paint! We all have a visual language. It develops in us naturally, like speaking. But sometimes we just don't use it.

Do you? . . . be silent, try to hold everything together, do the right thing, behave, be good, keep clean, neat, tidy, stay inside the lines?

Paint-Journey is the time where we can let go and relax, wear your old clothes, open up and just play. Experiment. Explore, meet colours, follow lines, ask questions and find answers, in the most unexpected ways. It's a conversation. . . with yourself.

Feel stuck? Got a problem? I call it #paintyourwaythrough.

It always works . . . if you just keep going.

It’s the same for kids and adults.

Humans are made to Create.

It's Space and Time for kids, adults, Unique groups or . . .

Create a 'Pop-Up Art Party'

Groups run during the school term. At the moment we have:

Mondays 4.15-6.15pm, Tuesdays 4-6pm, Tuesday evenings 7-9 pm.

and some special Wednesdays!

The classes are ongoing. A single class is 45CHF (including basic material and a snack) or a group of 8 classes 300CHF.

mal_Raum Bahnhofstrasse 3, 8803 Rueschlikon

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