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Artist . Illustrator . Mentor


Originally a surfer from the coasts of Australia now living by the lakes in Switzerland, Kaye Llewelyn draws inspiration from the brightness of life and the celebration of ordinary moments mixed with joyful splashes of synchronicity.


She paints from large figurative abstract to the small characters that people her picture books and much loved colouring cards. Her painting process, granted from her time working with children, involves permission for wild free-form marks and colour, space for gazing, sometimes out the window, and discoveries in the paint of a story or image.


When she’s not making she’s mentoring. As a First Step Instructor, offering developmental movement lessons for mamas (or papas) and their babies. As a Simplicity Parenting Coach sharing great ways for happier families. As a Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie / IBSR Inquiry Based Stress Reduction, helping anyone turn around their stressful thoughts and feelings. Mostly she’s helped a lot of people young and old be more creative!


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